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Manhattan Areas
  • Central Park: This remarkable New York City green space is full of attractions and surprises.
  • Chelsea: Rollicking bars and a rock 'n' roll past meet gourmet eats and fine shopping in the gallery-rich West '20s.
  • Chinatown: The thriving immigrant community gives visitors access to the most far-flung wares and culinary delights.
  • East Village: Dive bars, coffee shops, vintage fashion, history, alternative theater and more await in this nabe.
  • Flatiron District: With a wide variety of retailers and nightlife options and a similarly diverse array of restaurants, this historic 'hood provides visitors enough activities for an entire trip.
  • Gramercy: NYC's most exclusive park is surrounded by stunning architecture, great food and live music.
  • Harlem: Head uptown to visit gallery spaces, new boutiques and dining hotspots.
  • Hell's Kitchen: This Midtown neighborhood is a haven for arts of all stripes, from theatrical to culinary.
  • Koreatown: Midtown's Korean neighborhood features an electric mix of dining, shopping and relaxation.
  • Lower East Side: Explore remnants of an immigrant past, check out contemporary art and up-and-coming bands, and visit the boutiques, bars and restaurants in this downtown neighborhood.
  • Lower Manhattan: Satisfy cravings for culture, cuisine, shopping and investment alike with a visit downtown.
  • Meatpacking District: This neighborhood is, well, packed with trendy eats, alternative art and designer fashion.
  • Midtown: Iconic attractions like the Empire State Building, Times Square and Broadway are just some of what you'll find in this comprehensive guide to Midtown culture, dining, shopping and more.
  • NoLIta and Little Italy: These two cozy, contiguous neighborhoods offer singularly excellent dining and shopping.
  • SoHo: The art-world cred here endures-along with some of the best shopping in town.
  • TriBeCa: Get to know this downtown neighborhood-from eateries like The Odeon and Macao Trading Company to hotspots like Tribeca Grand Hotel, Brandy Library and more.
  • Upper East Side: From Museum Mile and Madison Avenue to sushi, sundaes and sea lions, the UES suits all tastes.
  • Upper West Side: Bagels, brunch and biblical art are just a few of the attractions in this cultured NYC nabe.
  • West Village: A full spectrum of cultural and gastronomic offerings awaits in this cozy downtown neighborhood.

Breakroom Supplies

Corporate Coffee Systems Breakroom Supplies

Corporate Coffee Systems has whatever you need to keep your breakroom in top shape. From dispenser napkins and sterno fuel tins to cutlery and salt & pepper shakers, we've got you covered. Every New York office break room has a need for those "extra" items that sometimes are forgotten about. Our job at Corporate Coffee Systems is to remind you!

If your Manhattan office break room needs plates to eat on and forks to eat with, you're in luck - Corporate Coffee Systems has a full assortment of office paper plates and utensils for every occasion. Paper plates, plastic plates, paper bowls, forks, knives, napkins - all sizes and shapes. We even have tablecloths for your office parties!

Tablecloths and placemats for your New York office lunch room are always available at Corporate Coffee Systems. We have everything you're looking for to keep your office's tables clean and ready to go. Our selection of tablecloths offers you a variety of sizes to fit your table. We also showcase doilies in sizes ranging from 12 to 16 inches.

Soup? Oatmeal? Cereal? All can be enjoyed in the office, but what to eat them in? That's easy - paper and plastic bowls. Corporate Coffee Systems presents a complete lineup of plastic bowls and paper bowls for you to choose from in all different sizes. There are Styrofoam bowls, plastic black bowls, paper coated bowls, and more for extra variety.

If you are looking for paper napkins for your New York office, you've come to the right place. Dispenser napkins, dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, and lunch napkins are all available in different package sizes for your convenience. We also have white linen napkins for those extra special occasions at the office! Napkins are a "must have" for any office. When it's time to stock up, do so at Corporate Coffee Systems where quality and service are always the top priority!

Sometimes, employees bring lunch to the office or order in and want to save their goodies in the refrigerator. After all, there is never a reason to waste food. But what to do? Corporate Coffee Systems has the answer with our selection of food savers. Sustaining your food's freshness even at the office is important. With aluminum foil, Saran Wrap, and Ziploc bags in your breakroom, you won't have to waste food ever again.

It doesn't matter if you're ordering in or your employees are using the microwave, you need to have plastic utensils ready. Corporate Coffee Systems has what you need with a full assortment of plastic forks, plastic spoons, plastic knives, and a whole host of heavy duty office utensils. Our lineup of plastic utensils includes white, clear plastic, and champagne for those who prefer one shade over the other. Utensils are an important item to have in the office breakroom. Trust Corporate Coffee Systems for the quality and value you deserve!

Cups of coffee or tea in the office are as common as paper clips and desktop computers. Corporate Coffee Systems offers a complete selection of office coffee cups and lids that do the job right. We've got hot coffee cups and cold cups in all sizes.

Paper towels in the office are also a necessity. They are even more crucial in a breakroom or cafeteria. Making sure you are stocked up is always important. At Corporate Coffee Systems, we know what it takes. Our inventory is full of high quality paper towel rolls and dispenser towels perfect for your New York office. All of the very best brand-name paper towels are available. We may be the king of New York coffee supplies, but the keyword is "supplies." When it comes to what your business needs, we're always on top of it!

For the water, juice, and soda drinkers in your office, you need cold cups. Corporate Coffee Systems heads the call. We offer a complete selection of cold cups in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and styles. Choose from soda cups, paper cups, tumbler cups, cone water cups, and wax bottom cups. Sizes of cold cups range from 3.5 oz flat pleated water cups all the way to 16 oz cold cups to serve all of your breakroom needs.

Coffee cups need lids, especially in an office. Sometimes, that cup of coffee sits for a while, but even when it doesn't, the office is not a place where you want to risk spills. Corporate Coffee Systems is jam-packed with a full line up of coffee cup lids and cold cup lids for your New York office. Styrofoam cup lids, dome cup lids, Starbucks lids, Executive cup lids, Solo cup lids, and much, much more are available.